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The Wife and the Widow The Second Standalone Thriller From The Award Winning Author Of THE NOWHERE CHILDSet Against The Backdrop Of An Eerie Island Town In The Dead Of Winter, The Wife And The Widow Is An Unsettling Thriller Told From Two Perspectives Kate, A Widow Whose Grief Is Compounded By What She Learns About Her Dead Husband S Secret Life And Abby, An Island Local Whose World Is Turned Upside When She S Forced To Confront The Evidence Of Her Husband S Guilt But Nothing On This Island Is Quite As It Seems, And Only When These Women Come Together Can They Discover The Whole Story About The Men In Their Lives Brilliant And Beguiling, The Wife And The Widow Takes You To A Cliff Edge And Asks The Question How Well Do We Really Know The People We Love I received an ARC of this book.Yet another great read from Christian White I don t know how he manages to keep me so enthralled with the mystery that I struggle to put the book down.I have to be very careful with this review to not give away some big plot twists because when they happen you need to be able to go What The in the same way I did So unexpectedly brilliant that I did not see that coming from WAY out of left field Maybe I had my blinkers on, I would be interested to see if that was just me.Most of this tale takes place on an island that is a Summer retreat for many and year round home to a few We get alternating views from the Widow and then the Wife Christian has cleverly constructed his murder around this island and events that happened here It leaves us constantly asking the question, Do I really know my wife Do I know enough about her to not be blindsided like the women in this book Great thoughts to ponder. Wow Those that have read The Nowhere Child by this author know that Christian White can really write a brilliant story This second novel is as good, if not better in my opinion I could not wait to get my hands on this book and once I started it I really struggled to put it down It is a hard story to talk too much about without giving anything away What you need to know is that it told from 2 different points of view There is Kate, whose husband fails to return from an overseas business trip His secrets start to come out and she wonders if she really knew him at all And then there is Abby who learns that her husband is a killer Another woman who thought she knew the man that she married That is it you need to read this book to find out anything else Told in alternative chapters between the 2 women this book will hook you from the start The twist will floor you it did me I stayed up really late to finish this book, it was going to be impossible for me to sleep without knowing how it ended Absolutely fantastic story by another great Australian writer You need to read this book, trust me Last year s The Nowhere Child was one of my favourite reads for the year, and Christian s follow up is another excellent read Hard to say too much without giving things away Alternating chapters of narrative from The Widow and then The Wife, and for a lot of the tale, the reader is in the dark Never boring though, and I didn t want to put the book down In the end, quite a simple story, but delivered in a deviously complex way The tale comes together in the most brilliant way Outstanding Christian is now firmly imprinted on my must read author list. CHRISTIAN WHITE You ve done it again Ohohohohoh This was a good one.I absolutely loved the storyline Kate, a woman whose husband goes missing and his secret life is revealed Abby, a woman who has to come to terms with the fact that her husband is a murderer Nothing is as it seems I literally sat in my beanbag with my mouth gaping open when I figured out what was going down I was so impressed.Overall, it was a pretty simple storyline the readers are kept in the dark for most of it but it was so well done My only issue is that this book had a few things that were unresolved Don t want to delve too deep into that because that would mean spoilers Easily a 5 stars for this incredibly easy, fast paced and enjoyable read.ALSO I had the pleasure of meeting Christian White at my bookstore last year when he came in to sign The Nowhere Child I absolutely love promoting books by authors who genuinely love their readers and love what they do Not only is he a fab writer, but he s a lovely guy

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