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The Twin Towers September , Special Forces Major Kyle Mason Is Honeymooning At New York S SoHo Grand Hotel With His Bride, Padma Mahajan The Couple S Hotel Is Only A Few Hundred Yards Away From Padma S Place Of Work On The Th Floor Of The World Trade Center S North TowerWhen Padma Steps Out For Coffee And A Cigarette, A Mysterious Visitor Enters The Honeymoon Suite, Warning Kyle Of An Incomprehensible Catastrophe That Will Result In The Total Destruction Of The World Trade Center Towers, Killing His Wife The Stranger Enlists Kyle S Help To Avert A Disaster That Will Occur The Following Morning On The First Book In The Time Tunnel Series, Time Tunnel The Twin Towers, Re Imagines As A Critical Inflection Point In Time, The Outcome Of Which The Government Determines Must Be Altered In Order To Reverse The Course Of The American Empire

10 thoughts on “The Twin Towers

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Writing fiction around an event such as the September 11th Attacks can be a slippery slope, but honestly I think that Richard Todd has captured the importance of this tragic and complicated moment in history with a lot of humanity and respect Taking a new angle in speculative fiction by exploring 9 11 in relation to time travel, The Twin Towers the first

  2. Carla Carla says:

    What if 9 11 happened differently All I can say is WOW What does the alien crash at Roswell and the Twin Towers destruction September 11, 2001 have in common Time travel.Well written and a joy to read is this first of a series novel I am so looking forward to the next book.

  3. Katinka Katinka says:

    This book starts off with a mysterious craft crashing in what will eventually come to be known as Area 51 The government rushes to cover up the fact that the type of craft that crashed appears to have not been from Earth and contains 4 seemingly alien bodies But what is it really And where did it come from For many years these questions have plagued society Area 51

  4. Georgia Georgia says:

    I just finished it last night Surprise Surprise I m usually not into science fiction, but this was a really good book It held my interest on many levels 1 It was well written 2 The plot was good against a backdrop of historical happenings that occurred throughout my life 3 I scientific language was foreign to me but it did not interfere with plot but actualized it And 4

  5. Henry Henry says:

    Exciting ReadA very fast paced and exciting time travel novel The concept is great the science is good Character development is not so great but this is entertainment reading not literature and it is entertaining The ending does require you to continue on to the next book If you hate that then don t start the series I don t mind particularly since both are available from Kin

  6. Terry Terry says:

    I don t imagine that successfully pulling off a time travel novel is easy, but author Richard Todd does it well This is an extremely enjoyable, well written novel, and I m looking forward to the next books in the series.

  7. N.R. Brooks N.R. Brooks says:

    Fun read I picked this up as a recommendation from a friend because I had written a similar book a year earlier I didn t read it to compare works, I merely wanted to see what different ideas were brought to the table Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised The author took a vastly different turn in how he brought about the time travel aspect and I thought it was wonderfully execut

  8. Tam Sesto Tam Sesto says:

    Science fiction is definitely not my cup of tea Having said that, I have always been fascinated by time travel And I LOVED this book Time Tunnel The Twin Towers by Richard Todd was a fascinating look at time travel, and what would happen, if we could go back in time and prevent 9 11 9 11 is a tricky subject to write about as it recalls some of the worst moments in history Mr Todd was respe

  9. Ann Ann says:

    I loved this book I can t wait to read upcoming books in this series.It starts out the day before 9 11, Padma and Kyle eloped and were in a hotel in NYC Then it takes us back to 1947 Roswell New Mexico Each chapter tells you exactly where and when it takes place, which is something I really like in a novel.The author takes us through the details leading up to 9 11 and ties it into Area 51, bein

  10. E.Pierzynski E.Pierzynski says:

    It s time.to read thisAs a fan of the Time Tunnel and Timeless tv shows, I was intrigued to see how time travel would be treated in this book I m glad to say it was extremely well done while weaving in to a historical perspective and story line With all of the paradox of time travel, there are numerous plot lines that can unfold I for one am now anxious to get to the other books in the series..Botto

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