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St Petersburg From Peter the Great to Putin, this is the unforgettable story of St Petersburg one of the most magical, menacing and influential cities in the world.St Petersburg has always felt like an impossible metropolis, risen from the freezing mists and flooded marshland of the River Neva on the western edge of Russia It was a new capital in an old country Established in 1703 by the sheer will of its charismatic founder, the homicidal megalomaniac Peter the Great, its dazzling yet unhinged reputation was quickly fashioned by the sadistic dominion of its early rulers.This city, in its successive incarnations St Petersburg Petrograd Leningrad and, once again, St Petersburg has always been a place of perpetual contradiction It was a window on to Europe and the Enlightenment, but so much of the glory of Russia was created here its literature, music, dance and, for a time, its political vision It gave birth to the artistic genius of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, Pavlova and Nureyev Yet, for all its glittering palaces, fairytale balls and enchanting gardens, the blood of thousands has been spilt on its snow filled streets It has been a hotbed of war and revolution, a place of siege and starvation, and the crucible for Lenin and Stalin s power hungry brutality.In St Petersburg, Jonathan Miles recreates the drama of three hundred years in this absurd and brilliant city, bringing us up to the present day, when once its fate hangs in the balance This is an epic tale of murder, massacre and madness played out against squalor and splendour It is an unforgettable portrait of a city and its people.

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