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Sandstorm Former foreign correspondent Charles Mortimer is all washed up, living a hand to mouth existence in Manhattan, wondering how things could have gone so wrong for him A chance discovery of a newspaper obituary takes him back to the beginning of his career, when he was a young, hopeful man reporting from the Sahara Desert in the company of beautiful French photographer Celeste Dumas The two narrowly escape death by bullet, grenade, thirst and heatstroke and, ultimately, drowning By the end of their adventure, Mortimer has begun his life as a successful, cynical journalist Fifteen years roll by, and Mortimer finds himself again in Algeria, where he perpetrates the great error of his professional life and realizes, finally, what it was he lost so long ago in the desert wastes Building from Henry Shukman s award winning story Mortimer of the Maghreb , Sandstorm is a tale of love, adventure and moral failure It explores the themes of truth, experience and morality in a world of globalized media

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