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Sanditon Charlotte Heywood Is Privileged To Accompany Mr And Mrs Parker To Their Home In Sanditon Not Least Because, They Assure Her, It Is Soon To Become The Fashionable Epicentre Of Society Summers Finding The Town All But Deserted, She Is Party To The Machinations Of Her Socially Mobile Hosts In Their Attempts To Gather A Respectable Crowd, And Austen Assembles A Classic Cast Of Characters Of Varying Degrees Of Absurdity Of SenseThe Last Of Austen S Fiction Works, Written In The Year Before Her Death, When She Was Gravely Ill, Sanditon Affords A Glimpse Of The Ultimate Creative Powers And Preoccupations Of One Of The Greatest Figures In English Literature

10 thoughts on “Sanditon

  1. Kalliope Kalliope says:

    Even though I read a biography of Jane Austen recently, as part of my homage to her as in 2017 we are commemorating two hundred years since she died, it has not been until I have read this unfinished novel that I have felt the sor

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    Since, I have been watching Sanditon on PBS, I wanted to read Jane Austen s original partial manuscript She only finished 11 short chapters of this seaside romp, and while interesting, it s nothing like the salacious story I ve viewed on te

  3. Katie Lumsden Katie Lumsden says:

    Just thought I d reread this as I watch the screen adaptation It s such a shame Austen never got to finish this book the set up is really interesting, and the characters very intriguing.

  4. Laurel Laurel says:

    A satirical look at 19th century business speculation, hypocondria and novel readingOn the 27th January, 1817 Jane Austen began work on a novel that is now known as Sanditon It was never completed Her declining health robbed her of what she dearly loved most,

  5. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    I m not reading this edition I m reading online but just can t resist this public domain cover So far I m thinking this title really inspired Georgette Heyer s writing style Just about to start Chapter 5 3.5 Just to be clear I m only reading what The Divine Jane actuall

  6. My_Strange_Reading My_Strange_Reading says:

    Obviously this book is incomplete, but I still love Austen no matter what and even an unfinished book can show the potential for beauty It was going to be amazing The new PBS BBC series has brought it to life in a beautiful way, and I hope it gets re upped for a second series.

  7. Teresa Teresa says:

    Reread I read it in this edition won t rate this as it was unfinished at the time of Austen s death 12 chapters that add up to fewer than 60 pages in my edition but it was on its way to being at least a 4 star read The words flow there s nary a breath in the characters speeches, yet they a

  8. Julie Julie says:

    9 10This was just the appetizer course to a complete Austen novel What she might have donecut is the branch that might have grown full straight

  9. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    This story was such a good start Of course, we who love Jane Austen know that she couldn t finish it, because of her illness So we will have to wonder where the story goes The story follows a group of people at a health spa, so you gotta figure this went along with her illness and the many methods she used to

  10. Inkspill Inkspill says:

    This last unfinished work by Jane Austen is the beginnings of a social satire that is mainly set in a seaside town called Sanditon The opening is comical by its absurd situation a civil conversation ensues whilst Parker is nursing an injured and very painful ankle but really the ground is being set for a coming of age

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