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Power Play Like a child, the sentient planet Petaybee is growing learning to respond and communicate Yanaba Maddock has appointed herself defender of her adopted planet, protecting it against outsiders who seek to plunder its resources Then Yanaba is kidnapped and the price of freedom is Petaybee itself The rousing conclusion to Powers That Be and Power Lines HC Del Rey

10 thoughts on “Power Play

  1. Grace Grace says:

    I m guessing this is where McCaffrey checked out of this series The tone changes entirely it s a marked difference, and not a good one Suddenly there s a lot of she caught her own unspoken pun and chuckled , and you read back thinking what pun Oh, that why are we noting that There are a lotjokey slang phrases as well, which were out of date when the book was published and so now just sound totally bizarre I don t really beli

  2. Doris Pearson Doris Pearson says:

    I very much love this series This is 3rd in the trilogy The ending is great and yet there are options for a 4th book in my opinion. Good reading from this author as always.

  3. Kessily Lewel Kessily Lewel says:

    This is the final book in the Petaybee trilogy, and my least favorite While there is a lot to like about this book and much of the world building is fun, there are too many things that feel off or downright bizarre The book starts off with Yana, Bunny, and Diego being carted off planet to testify at a hearing on the planet s sentience Since only young people or new residents can leave the planet for any length of time without dying

  4. Michael Michael says:

    This is the 3rd book in the Petaybee series by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough The planet Petaybee was terraformed two hundreds years ago It is still an arctic world so it was forcibly settled by Inuit peoples from old Earth In this one Yanaba, Bunny and Diego travel to Gal 3 the largest space station in the galaxy There they hope to finally gain independence for Petaybe and it s peoples but they are kidnapped by a notoriou

  5. Kate H Kate H says:

    Anne McCaffrey is an author I always enjoy reading I really loved the way this series started although I felt it lost a bit of its appeal as the books went on.I do find it to be a very fascinating world with great characters but I am not sure I love the formula of the story telling But I still quite like it.

  6. Cara Noyes Cara Noyes says:

    I enjoy how the planet Petaybee demonstrates sentienceclearly in this conclusion to the trilogy The echoing and phosphorescence were clever communications Some of the story got a hit to hokey, however, to getstars in this rating.

  7. David R Elliott David R Elliott says:

    A great giftAnyone that likes stories that build on each other Anne McCaffrey was as master at this and her co writer close behind We lost a great writer when McCaffrey passed I hope to seeof than Pern series continued by her son Todd.

  8. Rae Stoltenkamp Rae Stoltenkamp says:

    I raced through this final book as I did with the other two I haven t read books that quickly since I was in my teens It was exhilarating And also satisfying This is what happens when women collaborate and write Science Fiction.

  9. Marie Marie says:

    Nice world building, good characters The plot and writing were good Solid series, but I don t love it.

  10. Bobbie Makin Bobbie Makin says:

    great syfy story a must read

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