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Now You See Me Lacey Flint is a London policewoman with a secret past, a morbid fascination with serial killers and a curiously empty flat On the job she s quiet and plainly dressed At night she has an unusual social lifeWhen Lacey returns to her car one evening to find a woman fatally stabbed right by it, she is taken in for questioning, but then a hand delivered letter suggests the killer has a special interest in Lacey herselfSuddenly she is at the centre of a terrifying murder hunt, working with the smart but damaged DI Dana Tulloch and the hostile DI Mark Joesbury, another person who seems curiously fascinated with LaceyIs Joesbury s interest in Lacey personal or professional Will Lacey cope as the case pushes her into the limelight And does the team have the skill to outwit one of the nastiest serial killers Londoners have fallen prey to since the killer s infamous role model Jack the Ripper From the Trade Paperback edition

10 thoughts on “Now You See Me

  1. Linda Linda says:

    As treacherous and as uncertain as the rough edges of the cobblestone streets in the infamous Whitechapel district Shadows of a dark figure much to the likes of Jack around every corner.Now here s where I d like to walk around inside the mind of the very talented Sharon Bolton Oooh Or maybe not.Sharon Bolton introduces us to her quite complicated character, Lacey Flint, a young detective constable working

  2. Maureen Carden Maureen Carden says:

    I have read Now You See Me NYSMan embarrassing number of times The superb plotting, fascinating characters and spooky settings keep drawing me back in Of course the problem with re reading this book is that I never have the shivery thrill of the first time I don t care It s still worth it With my first reading, Bolton kept me guessing throughout the book until I figured something out and then realized, no, I ha

  3. Lucy Langford Lucy Langford says:

    4Jack was a real man, but he s become a myth.A well crafted crime procedural, fast paced and gripping.This is the first book in the Lacey Flint series by Sharon Bolton After interviewing a reluctant witness one dark evening, Lacey is horrified to find a woman slumped over her car door, bleeding profusely This woman then dies in her arms At first this seems like a murder case, Lacey s first one in fact, however when a

  4. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Thank you Brenda for the wonderful recommendation of this book I could have eaten this up in one day if this week hadn t been so busy This book is the first in the Lacey Flint series and it started and ended with a bang Clearly I m late to the party and most everyone has read this book already, but I m happy to have joined in Without giving too much away, this novel is based around the fact that a Jack the Ripper copy cat

  5. Delee Delee says:

    Usually when there is even a mention of Jack the Ripper in a book s description, I quickly add it to my to read list This time I hesitated for bit because this was a modern copy cat Jack the Ripper Part of the enjoyment I get from reading fiction novels based on Jack s murder spree is because of when the killings took place London 1888 Horse drawn carriages clip clopping down dark cobbled streets, the man in the in the black clo

  6. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    A killer is mimicking Jack the Ripper, mirroring his kill dates from long ago Truth or smokescreen A deadly game of cat and mouse is taking place, but who is playing whom Deftly plotted, with characters into which you can really sink your teeth, view spoiler or slice up with a knife hide spoiler A killer is mimicking Jack the Ripper, mirroring his kill dates from long ago Truth or smokescreen A deadly game of cat and mouse is taking p

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    A Jack the Ripper copycat is murdering women in London and like the original Ripper is taunting the press and the cops The copycat seems to be focusing attention on beautiful Detective Constable Lacey Flint, who had the bad luck to find the first victim moments after the woman was attacked Because Lacey was first on scene and happens to be an expert on Ripper lore she s asked to assist with the investigation being run by Dana Tulloch, head

  8. Carol Carol says:

    I m becoming a big fan of S.J Bolton It s not that there s anything terribly new here but I like the way this woman thinks and puts a story together Interestingly, I read Dead Scared, the second Lacey Flint outing, first What made me go back and read the first Now You See Me was the excellent interview and talk with the author on The Readers , July 2nd Part of The Readers Summer Reading Club, the first segment was a talk with S.J Bolton, intrigue

  9. Li& Li& says:

    Clever, Diabolical, and Chilling When a young women is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant, DC Lacey Flint gets to her just before she takes her last breath, dying in her arms Following the murder, journalist Emma Boston comes forward claiming to have received a letter at home, seemingly from the killer She personally brings it to Lacey, not the police The reason becomes clear very quickly Dear Miss Bosston I keep on hearing Saucy Jack is back Ho

  10. Mackey Mackey says:

    Finally It took forever to get my hands on this book and then it took me forever to read it, howver, despite the fact that I never thought of it as a can t put it down page Turner, this was a very solid book.Now You See Me is the first in the Lacey Flint series by S.J Bolton who also publishes under Sarah Bolton Someone in London is copying Jack the Ripper s murders and the MET is called in to investigate The twist is that the murders are not random and DI F

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