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Night of Knives Night of Knives A Novel of the Malazan Empire

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  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    Just like the main series, I was determined to finish the Malazan Empire this year but I may have to rethink that decision after my experience of reading this book.Night of Knives is the first book in the Malazan Empire series, a spin off to the main series that s written by the other creator of the Malazan universe, Ian Esslemont A lot of people mentioned

  2. James Tivendale James Tivendale says:

    This is a very good book Following two main character point of views One being Temper an old school elite yet uncredited serviceman for the Malazan empire and Kiska a youth urchin spy with the talent of magic somewhere within her Kiska was very mysterious a bit whiny and kept getting caught by people throughout her sneaking antics but I think she was an omni

  3. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    This review is dedicated to Ianwho stabbed the world in the backHis victory will be sealed by his defeat When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina and so I convinced my parents to send me to a professional ballet school I loved it, down to the last drop of sweat and blood ever wore pointe shoes , and the last tear it cost me But after a couple of y

  4. Choko Choko says:

    4The Malazan way, he breathed The murderer s touch A brush of cloth A sip of wine The gleam of a blade as fine as a snake s tooth Your name whispered just as you fall into sleepThis is the world of Malazan, just as dark and bloody as ever, only told by a different bard He is not either better or worse than the bard who tells us the story of the Malazan, Book o

  5. Markus Markus says:

    Well, this seems incredibly underrated Night of Knives, first volume in the Novels of the Malazan Empire by Ian C Esslemont, is not a huge brick of equal parts amazement and confusion like the doorstoppers of his friend Steven Erikson It s a decidedlystandard fantasy novel, and it doesn t distinguish itself in the way of the Malazan Book of the Fallen That does

  6. Scott Hitchcock Scott Hitchcock says:

    Reread ReadFirst read 3 Second read 4 I enjoyed this so muchthe second time around ICE does have a weird way of wording things but having read all 8 books published to this point I m used to it and was able to enjoy the story a lotThis book still unlike any of the others islike a fantasy mystery blend with a good dose of horror to give it a truly eerie feeling W

  7. J.P. Ashman J.P. Ashman says:

    Listened to this on Audible.Great to delve back into the Malazan world Massive fan of the original series This certainly felt the part and the narration was excellent Action, fairly fast paced, cinematic, brutal and humorous where you would expect for the setting I d give it a 5 , but I felt myself drifting off here and there Now, that could be me busy and tired

  8. Gavin Gavin says:

    I thought this was a worthy addition to the Malazan world Esselmont s writing style is a bit different to Erikson s but his story did retain the feel of a Malazan book The plot was suitably entertaining and complex and Esselmont also did a great job with the characters, both the new and familiar ones The whole story took place in one city over the course of a sing

  9. Deborah Obida Deborah Obida says:

    3.5 stars This book turned out way better than I expected That was because my expectations were low I totally understand why some people didn t like this, the plot and world building was okay but the writing was just not it The author picked two new characters that we know almost nothing about to narrate this great event in the Malazan world If any of these charact

  10. Molly Molly says:

    Everything could change in just one nightHe stared out into the lazy wisps of mist and the strangely dull stars, and he remembered that other night The night close to a year ago when he and Dassem diedYou know you are deep into the Malazan Book of the Fallen, when you buy all the books before reaching the series half point, add Forge of Darkness because the new tril

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