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Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference In Made for Goodness, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner and international icon of peace and reconciliation, shares his vision on why we can find hope and joy in the world s darkest moments by realizing that we were made for goodness, that we are wired so that goodness will win in the end Archbishop Tutu is a spiritual leader and symbol of love and forgiveness on the level of Gandi, Mother Teresa, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and Nelson Mandela, and Made for Goodness, written with his daughter Mpho, is one of the most personal and inspirational books he s ever writtenComing Soon Archbishop Desmond Tutu s The Children of God Storybook Bible, a daily devotional and heirloom quality keepsake This beautiful gift Bible will resonate with parents, grandparents, and educators eager to present the message of God s love, forgiveness, and reconciliation to young children

10 thoughts on “Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference

  1. Mark Mark says:

    Richard BransonThis wonderful new book is a great gift to the world BonoOur boss and his daughter remind us Thich Nhat HanhThank you Archbishop Tutu for helping u come back home to our true natureMary RobinsonDesmond Tutu has walked the talk all his lifeFour bits of inane rubbish on the flyleaf of my copy of this book they are clich ridden and say nothing

  2. Lorie Lorie says:

    Never has a book, besides the bible, made me want to break out every quote, every passage, every sentence to put on a note to remember, just why we are here on this earth I m only on chapter 3, and already I can tell just what an amazing book and author s this is I want to savor every suculent, sacred word written Soak it in, like holy water I m slowing down my

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    God holds out an invitation to us an invitation to turn away from the anxious striving that has turned stress into a status symbol Love this book, and it came at just the right time for me Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho write that we humans are designed for goodness, that we can stop trying so hard to be good because at our core we already are good We can live j

  4. Rebecca S Chapman Dann Rebecca S Chapman Dann says:

    If you are tired of all the negativity of today, the Bible thumping preachers haranguing about the evils of men, and feeling hopeless, this is the book for you I guarantee you will think a lot about your beliefs, how you might react to the negativity of others, and what exactly you should do to make the world a better place It is full of love and affirmation.I m not norm

  5. Krys Krys says:

    Who knowsabout goodness than Desmond Tutu We are all made for goodness, yet how many of us are taught how to practice it What it really means, in difficult situations Goodness is a skill, like singing It doesn t come to you you practice it, learn its properties, create conditions for goodness to do its work Give it time to flower Learn to see it, to work with it, to recognize

  6. Heather Olson Beal Heather Olson Beal says:

    I really enjoyed this book It felt like a breath of fresh air so optimistic and hopeful I would like Glenn Beck and the Fox News crews to read it seriously Desmond Tutu and daughter Mpho both priests share stories of all the goodness in the world they have seen while much of their lives was spent watching and living the horrors of apartheid in South Africa There are a lot of littl

  7. Kiof Kiof says:

    Everyone should take a peek in this one Tutu is a radicalist, an extremist, a contrarian, but in the best ways possible This book is hard to swallow and hard to deny For once, a contrarian who isn t trying to convince you how bad everything is and how bad you are.

  8. Kandice Kandice says:

    This small book has many excellent points and reminders And if you feel God has abandoned you, the writings from God s veiwpoint will touch your heart Perhaps the most interesting chapter for me was Where Is God When We Suffer I had never considered that if God took an active role in our lives everytime we asked for something, the result would be chaos Plus, as the book explains, we all thi

  9. Shirley Shirley says:

    Interesting read and optimistic view of people refreshing, as opposed to the often religious view of man s depravity Amazing to be the view of one who has so much cruelty.

  10. Heather Heather says:

    This is a sweet book that reminds of us our divinity and purpose and goodness We were created by God, in His image, and we are very good We don t have to prove our goodness, we just need to remember who we are God loves us He waits for us He searches after us But we are free to choose I particularly appreciated the words about the importance of prayer and relying on God seeking His will With so much

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