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A posthumous collection of short fiction from an award winning author explores life in the fictional New Hampshire town of Leah Leah, New Hampshire: The Collected Stories of Thomas Williams

About the Author: Thomas Williams

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name This is Thomas Williams See also Paul Thomas

10 thoughts on “Leah, New Hampshire: The Collected Stories of Thomas Williams

  1. Albert Albert says:

    It was just about three years ago that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Thomas Williams The Hair of Harold Roux, which won the National Book Award in 1975 At the time I had a strong desire to readby Thomas Williams, so this collection of his short stories was the next step Unfortunately, the outcome was not nearly as positive this time The stories in Leah, New Hampshire all take place in or around the town of

  2. Vel Veeter Vel Veeter says:

    Thomas Williams is not a particularly well known writer In his day, he wrote eight novels, won the National Book Award, but isknown for tying for that award which has happened a few years , with Robert Stone, a muchwell known writer His most famous work, The Hair of Harold Roux, is a strange book I have read about half of I am going to return to it , about a writer working on a novel while teaching future wr

  3. Paul Thomas Paul Thomas says:

    I enjoyed the Hair of Harold Roux so much, a while back, that I put other Thomas Williams books, and a few from his daughter, on my want to read list Seems I read his best work first Whipple s Castle was unreadable, and while this book of short stories was very well written most of the time, the stories themselves were sorely lacking in content I can see why they were never published before I m also sick and ti

  4. Lucy Lucy says:

    Found while browsing the stacks at the Harold Washington Library One of my favorite stories the one about the buck in the department store That is apparently the most memorable one since I can t recall much else Nice collection with references to fictional town of Leah and New Hampshire y things.

  5. Tuck Tuck says:

    oh yes, goose pond is worth having this book personally i liked his novel hair of harold roux better it seemed author needed that extra time to develop what he wants to say and what he wants to say is beautiful and bittersweet usually about western men and their inner life.

  6. Holly Holly says:

    This was a good collection of short stories however, I think a big part of why I enjoyed reading it was that I grew up in New Hampshire If you don t have a connection to the granite state, you might not find these stories quite as appealing.

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