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Islam: The Straight Path In Islam, Esposito provides a succinct, up to date survey of the Islamic experience, an introduction to the faith, belief, and practice of Islam from its origins to its contemporary resurgence He traces the emergence and development of this dynamic faith and its impact on world history and politics He discusses the formation of Islamic belief and practice law, theology, philosophy, and mysticism , chronicling the struggle of Muslims to define and adhere to their Islamic way of life Equally important is the essential information Esposito provides on the contemporary world of Islam, from Muslim responses to the challenges of colonialism and modernization to the reassertion of Islam in politics and society This third edition has been updated throughout and is enhanced by new material that accurately reflects the true diversity of Muslim cultures

10 thoughts on “Islam: The Straight Path

  1. Will Waller Will Waller says:

    This book is an excellent primer on Islam on a multitude of dimensions historical, religious, modern, cultural, anthropological, scientific I found this book to be the best guide to Islam, and I especially enjoyed its final chapter which dealt with modern history up to mid 2009 It assimilates the many dif

  2. Dillon Tatum Dillon Tatum says:

    People always ask me what a great intro to Islam book is, and this is it Esposito does a fantastic job, and it is the best I have seen of its kind in its 3rd edition even, I think It does have some flaws, but what book doesn t.

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    If you want to begin researching and understanding Islam this is a great book to start with It s easy to understand and gives you the history of Islam as a religion, ideology, culture, and political system I would encourage everyone to read this so they can understand what Islam is and what it isn t Its imp

  4. Zack Zack says:

    This does not seem like a very good introduction to Islam I am not sure of the importance of covering obscure sects from centuries ago and all of that The book is very dry, not much fun to read, and seems like an awful choice for a college survey course as it seems quite apologetic and does a very poor job o

  5. Sara Sara says:

    Had to read this for my history of the Middle East and Islam course, very dry and not as well written as I would have hoped Leaves out a lot of important facts and includes many errors that are clearly cultural things and not Islam at all.

  6. Ellie Ellie says:

    The writing is dry Informative, I admit, but very dry, and reading it felt like a drag It was frustrating at times, primarily for the following two reasons 1 His insistence on considering Judaism and Christianity as a homogeneous unit of Judeo Christianity He conflates the two, and acts as if Judaism has a sim

  7. Sara Sara says:

    Very dry It s not really relevant to understanding Islam unless you re studying where the extremist groups first originated or you just want to know about the historical movements of the religion I though John Esposito could do much better than that Very dry It s not really relevant to understanding Islam unles

  8. Belle Meade School Belle Meade School says:


  9. Andrew Doohan Andrew Doohan says:

    Given the enormous amounts of ignorance or misinformation that surrounds the subject of Islam in contemporary rhetoric and communal debate, this book, already a few years old in its fourth edition, was a timely read for me The author, a world renowned scholar in the field, provides an accessible and balanced intr

  10. Hanna Hanna says:

    This book merits four and a half stars, but I rounded down to four The book is excellent and filled with information and opposing theological strains within Islam However, I felt that sometimes Esposito tried to defend Islam from Western critique which I have no problem with in of itself but would later write abou

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