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Ethics Published shortly after his death, the Ethics is undoubtedly Spinoza s greatest work an elegant, fully cohesive cosmology derived from first principles, providing a coherent picture of reality, and a guide to the meaning of an ethical life Following a logical step by step format, it defines in turn the nature of God, the mind, the emotions, human bondage to the emotions, and the power of understanding moving from a consideration of the eternal, to speculate upon humanity s place in the natural order, the nature of freedom and the path to attainable happiness A powerful work of elegant simplicity, the Ethics is a brilliantly insightful consideration of the possibility of redemption through intense thought and philosophical reflection The Ethics is presented in the standard translation of the work by Edwin Curley This edition also includes an introduction by Stuart Hampshire, outlining Spinoza s philosophy and placing it in context

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  1. Esteban del Mal Esteban del Mal says:

    If rationality is defined as the capacity to solve problems, anticipate consequences and understand causes of events, one would be hard pressed to find itscomplete realization than in the philosophy of Benedict Spinoza Indeed, in his masterwork, Ethics, Spinoza set out to prove certa

  2. Ted Ted says:

    3 1 2 stars Spinoza s classic is contained in a book I have called The Rationalists Also included are Descartes Discourse on Method and Meditations and Leibniz s Monadology and Discourse on Metaphysics.Historical context view spoiler These thinkers are called Rationalists because to v

  3. Dario Dario says:

    And it is easy to credit Spinoza with the place of honour in the Cartesian succession except that he bulges out of that place in all directions, there is no living corpse who raises the lid of his coffin so powerfully, crying so loudly I am not one of yours Baruch Spinoza the man of jo

  4. Gary Beauregard Bottomley Gary Beauregard Bottomley says:

    The best way to read this book is to listen to it If I were to have read it, I would have dwelled excessively on the axioms, definitions and propositions and would have missed the forest for the trees Don t worry if you don t get the definition as he gives them You ll be able to pick th

  5. Carl Carl says:

    If I were exiled to a desert island, imprisoned, or otherwise isolated, and there were only book of philosophy I could have to read and re read for the rest of my life, it would be The Ethics of Spinoza Here Spinoza lays out a complete system that encompasses metaphysics, theology, physi

  6. Morgan Morgan says:

    Read this book for two reasons Spinoza is mentioned in all my philosophy introduction comics I have and George Eliot was a follower of Spinoza I ll get to that later.First off, this book might look like a quick read due to it s page numbers, but it s actually a difficult read Not only is

  7. Alexander Alexander says:

    Don t be cowed by the metaphysical tail chasing of Books I, II, and V.The piston huffing, steampunk clockwork of Axioms, Proofs, Scholia, and Corollaries can pound the reader s nerves like the mechanized hammer in a belfry Even hardcore Spinozists may differ on how or whether these moving

  8. Aasem Bakhshi Aasem Bakhshi says:

    No matter which intellectual religious background you come from, its one text that has the power to change your conception of cosmos Its hard to decide what isawe inspiring Spinoza s God or his Man and that is perhaps the ultimate success of his supreme and elegant egoism.

  9. Joshua Nomen-Mutatio Joshua Nomen-Mutatio says:

    Here s video footage of a pretty good discussion of a great, frequently glossed over, and far too often underappreciated philosopher who is one of my favorite philosophers of all time Spinoza, A Discussion Steven Nadler is an excellent authority on Spinoza and has written a few books on him

  10. Stian Stian says:

    Perhaps it is the sentimentality that arose in me because of the circumstances under which I read the book that leads me to rate it five stars There was something about reading this close to the window, with snow slowly trickling down from the pitch black sky, and the fireplace burning, and a

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