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Echoes Of Yesterday: A Novel of the Adams Family Saga It was Junewhen Sergeant Boots Adams of the Royal West Kents, together with his men, was billeted on the Descartes farm in Northern France It was a short break from the turmoil and horror of the trenches, and Boots and his men, in return for their free billeting, were to help the farmer in his fields It came as something of a surprise to discover that the land was being managed by a young French war widow, Cecile Lacoste and, to the distant sound of guns, a brief wartime friendship flared between Boots and Cecile The friendship was cut brutally short when, once , the West Kents were called back to the trenches and Boots suffered an injury that was to take him home to London, to Sammy and Chinese Lady, and all the valiant cockney friends of Walworth who were to help him through the darkest period of his life It was to be many years before Boots friend, Miss Polly Simms, visiting the old battle haunts of France, stumbled once upon the Descartes farm, and the memories of the past were rekindled

10 thoughts on “Echoes Of Yesterday: A Novel of the Adams Family Saga

  1. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) says:

    A good idea ruined in the telling Fully half the book is prologue , skipping back and forth in time and place, between one set of characters and another, giving the reader only scraps At the literal halfway point, suddenly Chapter 1 Seriously I read this one out of sequence, and it s a good thing, as knowing what would happen decades later filled up the huge gaps in this transitional non story All the jolly crosstalk in the world can t make up for the poo

  2. Sheila Sheila says:

    Love this series of books, nice easy reading,

  3. Shahrun Shahrun says:

    I like Books by Mary Jane Staples as they are set in the area of London I grew up in although I live there much later than when the books are set there I find the Charachters dialouge very amusing.This book is broken into two parts The first takes you back to Boots time in The Great War and the second brings you bcak to 1934 and the conciquences of that time.

  4. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Another enjoyable read in the Adams Family Saga incorporating the laughs, the sadness and the joy the characters feel Fantastic reading The book has 2 halves 1916 and 1934 and gives some insight into Boots experiences during the First World War.

  5. Georgina Drew Georgina Drew says:

    Like all the family saga book, this was no exception I really enjoy the loughs the sadness and the joy Fantastic reading.

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