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10 thoughts on “Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion

  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Third Doctor begins here This is a novelization of the TV serial titled Spearhead from Space , which was the first story of the Season 7 in the classic era of Doctor Who. WHO The Doctor The Third DoctorCompanion Dr Elizabeth Liz ShawAlly Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart WHERE WHEN Epping, Essex England Earth 1970 WHAT The Doctor was

  2. Ken Ken says:

    Spearhead from Space is one of the most iconic Doctor Who stories, ever since I first watched a repeat showing on BBC2 in 1999 I ve been captivated by the story.It introduces so many stables to the show, The Doctor suffering from post regeneration trauma, the brilliant Auton s and whist UNIT has appeared before the inclusion of Liz Shaw makes it feell

  3. Michael Michael says:

    The basic story of this one owes a lot to Nigel Kneale s second Quatermass serial, with sentient meteorites being scattered about the countryside, mysterious industrial compounds manned by dull faced workers, high ranking officials being subverted or controlled, an alien intelligence brewed in a vat and scientists aiding the military to bring down an alien

  4. Michael Michael says:

    One of the first adaptations in the long running Target range of Doctor Who novels and still one of the best It just goes to show that when given time to let a story breathe, Terrance Dicks can dothan just translate a script onto the printed page.Adapting the first story of the Jon Pertwee era, Auton Invasion fleshes out some of the supporting characters, gives a

  5. Stephen Henning Stephen Henning says:

    I went into the Oxfam shop in Ipswich the other day, because to my delight, there was a whole load of the original Doctor Who Target books displayed prominently in the window About 20 orof them A nostalgic treasure trove So naturally I stood in the doorway, with my tangled mop of curly hair, pleasant open face, youthful energy etc, and tried to work out if I owned all

  6. Marcy Webb Marcy Webb says:

    one of the best televised stories and one of the most fun novelisations, wonderfully narrated by the late Caroline John and her cavalcade of Irish, Scottish and nasal English accents

  7. jzthompson jzthompson says:

    Superior children s fiction that gave me a love of reading as a child and is now getting a well deserved reprint I once piloted the TARDIS with Terrance Dicks and it is one of my deepest regrets that he will never write a one sentence description of my face.

  8. Travis Travis says:

    Good story, done in a muchstraight forward, realistic feel than a lot of Doctor Who stories.It moves at a slower pace, which is good as we an being introduced to a new Doctor, new status quo, whole new supporting cast and a new monster.Liz Shaw is a great Who girl Too bad she didn t stay around longer As always, any scenes between the Doctor and the Brigader are great.

  9. bluetyson bluetyson says:


  10. Heather Galey Heather Galey says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here First I want to say there is nothing wrong with this story and the reason I gave it such a low rating was completely personal.When I seen the title I assumed it was a re telling of attack of the autons It s not.They started the Doctor out regenerating I didn t think much of it at first But the lack of Jo Grand was disap

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