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Distance Edward has lost his short term memory He hopes it will return when he sees the cottage in which he lives He recognizes his overcoat on the hook, his books, the double bed The mystery however, is Naomi Edward has no recollection of who she is or why she has left him a love letterWith Thubron s customary clarity he draws a bleak, amnesiac world in which a young man must face again old griefs and linger like a coward, just this side of knowing On the other side, the memory of a destructive, obsessive relationship looms

10 thoughts on “Distance

  1. Ollie Hutchison Ollie Hutchison says:

    Suppose I can t really judge it having not actually finished it But here goes anyway.I ve read a couple of Thubron s travel books, and enjoyed them for the most part In Siberia really impressed me I was immersed in his dense and almost surreal description of the barren landscape that so few have bothered to write about in detail I loved his depiction of setting, and while I fou

  2. JudithAnn JudithAnn says:

    Distance 1996 is about a man, Edward Sanders, who suddenly can t remember what has happened the last two years He lives with a woman he can t remember they only met one year ago He is in love with the woman he was with 2 years ago.However, his memory returns in steps during the next few days and he realizes why he is no longer in love with the woman he knew two years ago He even, a

  3. Diana Diana says:

    my new favorite author

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I love how Thubron deals with time and memory It s a common theme through many of his books be they fiction or travel writings.

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