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Destruction (A Dark Romance) (Fragile Ties Series Book 1) Anotherdark as the depths of hell romancefrom Jennifer Cari Silverwood, NY Times USA Todaybestselling authorNo one writes Dark Romance quite like the enigmatic Jennifer BeneTheperfect dubcon down to its slippery core, and just the right brand of dark Addison Cain, USA Today bestselling authorTwisted Menacing Heart pumping ChillingDestruction was apsychological thrillerwith elements of mayhem, vengeance, lies and secrets that decimated my soul The Romantic Angel BlogIf you like your BDSMdark, twisted, beautifully craftedand deliciously non con, this is the book for you Maren Smith, USA Todaybestselling authorDark, suspenseful,frustrating If you like it dark then I promise you wont be disappointed Atale of revenge, regret, and heartbreakthat will make you feel everything the characters feelReviewer kshifflett

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