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Cool for Qat: A Yemeni Journey: Two Countries, Two Times When author Peter Mortimer was commissioned to write a play about the little known Arab Riot between Yemeni and British seamen at the Mill Dam, South Shields, in , he decided to take the long trip to Yemen itself in search of inspiration Undeterred by postSeptember government warnings, Mortimer set off and found an extraordinary and surprisingly Anglophile country Cool for Qat documents this journey, during which Mortimer pieces together how the riots ofarose and considers their relevance to the Western attitude towards Muslims today Back in the UK, Mortimer s investigations into theriot reveal a society with many striking similarities to current times Then, as now, Muslim immigrants were treated as scapegoats for all manner of ills, tabloid newspapers drummed up prejudice, and the powers that be often used fear to disguise their own economic failings Cool for Qat is a thought provoking, controversial, and often humorous document of one man s travels through a country about which little is known in the West

About the Author: Peter Mortimer

Professor Peter Mortimer is a consultant dermatologist working at both St George s Hospital and the Royal Marsden Hospital in London He is also Professor of Dermatological Medicine to St George s University of London He has spent most of his professional life in the research and clinical practice of lymphoedema and related disorders of the lymphatic system He is a founder of both the Lymphoedema Support Network and the British Lymphology Society, and is internationally recognised for his work in lymphoedema He is the author of Lymphoedema Advice on Self management and Treatment 2004.

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