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You can change your life If you keep on doing what your doing, you re likely to keep on getting what you re getting.Is that what you want If you do nothing, nothing will happen If you do something, something may happen.Here s how to do something so you won t keep on getting what your getting.There is order to the universe, a way in which life flows If you ve been looking for a way to tap into the logic and power of all things, you may be surprised to find the answer is literally right at your fingertips The ancient art of dowsing which is much than a way to look for water gives you the key to tapping into the flow of the universe for health, wealth, and positive change.Raymon Grace has been studying forms of healing and connections with the universe for than thirty years In The Future Is Yours he shows you how to use dowsing to change the energetic flow of people, places, and situations, and how these simple changes can avert conflict, heal illness, and help people work together Imagine the possibilities settle differences at home and at work, find the best way to heal yourself and your family, remove bad energy even ghosts from buildings, and much, much.You don t need academic degrees, expensive equipment, or spiritual credentials All you need is the willingness to learn the simple principles and put the techniques to use This book shows you how to change your life. The Future Is Yours

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