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A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi Like Dave Eggers s Zeitoun and Alexander Masters s Stuart, this is a tour de force of narrative reportageMohammed Ashraf studied biology, became a butcher, a tailor, and an electrician s apprentice now he is a homeless day laborer in the heart of old Delhi How did he end up this way In an astonishing debut, Aman Sethi brings him and his indelible group of friends to life through their adventures and misfortunes in the Old Delhi Railway Station, the harrowing wards of a tuberculosis hospital, an illegal bar made of cardboard and plywood, and into Beggars Court and back onto the streetsIn a time of global economic strain, this is an unforgettable evocation of persistence in the face of poverty in one of the world s largest cities Sethi recounts Ashraf s surprising life story with wit, candor, and verve, and A Free Man becomes a moving story of the many ways a man can be free

10 thoughts on “A Free Man: A True Story of Life and Death in Delhi

  1. Khush Khush says:

    Not so long and a well written book on Delhi Aman Sethi follows the life of Ashraf and his friends a gang of impoverished daily wage earners I enjoyed reading this book, and knowingabout the

  2. Sankarshan Sankarshan says:

    The blurbs rave about it If you can stop smirking at the obviously PR induced sound bytes and look inside the book you d find it worth a read In fact it is a recommended read The writing might be

  3. Erin Erin says:

    I absolutely loved this book actually finished it in one night Aman Sethi does an amazing job transporting the reader to Delhi The people he chose to write about are colorful and insightful I hope the

  4. Patrice Hoffman Patrice Hoffman says:

    Won through a a Goodreads Giveaway If I were walking through the aisles of my favorite book store, I would probably have not given this book a second glance I ususally don t read too many biographies so I

  5. Chetana Chetana says:

    Refreshingly honest Would say it s better than Katherine Boo s Behind the Beautiful Forevers it s muchpersonal and sensitive to the author s position in the class caste hierarchy.

  6. Hera Diani Hera Diani says:

    Amid the streets of Bara Tooti Chowk, one of New Delhi s oldest and largest labor markets, and in between marijuana joints, shots of cheap liquor and good old tea, Mohammed Ashraf offers insights on what it is to be

  7. Maheep Maheep says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It is a different book, if you don t read much into the cover Should you see it in one of thebookstores and are slightly fazed by indecision

  8. C.P. C.P. says:

    I received this book free of charge courtesy of Goodreads First Reads Giveaways Wow Just wow This book has left me speechless, I am sure I cannot do it justice in a written review but I will try This is the true story of one

  9. Blue Blue says:

    Thank you Goodreads First Reads for this great book At a point in my life when I feel tied down to a not so great job, desperately looking for a better one, or fantasizing about irrational alternatives like opening an indie bookst

  10. Gourav Gupta Gourav Gupta says:

    Thought provoking and realistic whether it s the life of a laavaris, what if I was the one in Ashraf s shoes What does it feel to be anonymous with nowhere to go, no door to knock on , or the unpolished language used in the book or the

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